This week on Nosegasm we’ve got the final installment in the ‘relaxing products’ review series. We’re going out with a bang here, with The Body Shop’s Chocomania Body Butter. I’d been eyeing this product for months before buying it, so here we are at last.

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter

     Let’s disclose some personal information here: my skin? Yeah, it’s dry. I mean, really dry. When I was younger I dealt with a mild case of Psoriasis, which left me with the terrible fear of dry skin (well, perhaps not quite so dramatic). As such, I’m always on the lookout for moisturizers of all types, and a great smelling one is always a perk. I’m not all that sure what the technical differences are between body butters and lotions are, so if you’ve got a lead I’d love to hear it.

     Here’s the thing: I like to get a bang for my buck. That’s why shopping at The Body Shop is difficult for me – they charge a hefty price for their goods. Whereas I can get a 236 mL B&BW lotion for $11 (21 mL per $1), this tiny puppy costs $6 for 50 mL (8 mL per $1). I get that they’re all about stuff that’s good for you, good for the environment – but can they also make it good for my wallet? The container is a travel-friendly little puck, a plastic dark brown in color, with a label on the cap. The label has a picture of a heart-shaped-nut-looking object, with gooey melted chocolate dripping down its front, with the words CHOCOMANIA BODY BUTTER (CHOCOMANIA BEURRE CORPOREL) / THE BODY SHOP / 48 H FEEL GOOD HYDRATION (HYDRATATION GOURMANDE) / EXCLUSIVE EDITION / 50 mL 1.69 OZ (48 g). The body butter itself is a pale brown in color, with a super thick consistency that feels (and even looks) luxurious.

     When researching for this review, I found that a lot of people thought this product smelt like ‘dirty feet’ – WHAT?! I’m not sure if they’re referring to the nutty aspect of the chocolate, or maybe their product simply expired, because mine smells great. In the container it smells like milk chocolate, creamy and absolutely delicious. I feel as if the product heats up on the skin and changes the smell, emerging with a nutty note that’s not entirely out-of-place.

     As for performance, I would not say it lasts the 48 hours The Body Shop claims it does. I apply it to my hands at night (at this price they’re the only ones getting the special treatment), and by morning my hands are as dry as ever. Still, for a few hours after it’s applied it feels really great, even non-greasy enough to use touchscreens (a claim to fame, in 2013). I would probably not buy this product again, simply because for the price I expect it to deliver more than it does.

What’s your favorite body butter?

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You can check out The Body Shop at or follow them on Twitter at


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