Hi everyone! This is the second in my little series of relaxing products reviews, and this week I’m reviewing Crystalline’s Silk Skin Salt Scrub Exfoliant. Last week’s Strawberry Shortcake Bubble Bath came from New Zealand, so I find it almost funny that with this week’s product being from Israel this series has turned almost international. I bought this at Winners for $6.99, and it comes in a HUGE container with 680 grams (23.9 oz) of product.

Crystalline Silk Skin Salt Scrub

Crystalline Silk Skin Salt Scrub

     I’ve only gotten into exfoliating my skin recently, but I’m very glad I did. Exfoliating means scrubbing dead skin cells off your skin with an abrasive material, which can sound a little intimidating. But, if you’re using a loofah to shower, then you’re already half way there. Add an affordable scrub and you’ll be squeaky clean! As I’m sure you’ve heard, companies that use materials from Israel’s Dead Sea produce some of the best skin care products available, with market leaders like Ahava.

     Before I begin, I went to mention that this thing is MASSIVE. It’s slightly larger than a 3-wick Bath & Body Works candle – yeah, it’s big. The product’s name had me confused, because I wasn’t really sure what it is I’m supposed to call it! I couldn’t find a company website, but I decided to forgive them because I’m a really lovely person. I originally thought that the packaging is made of glass, but on closer inspection I find it’s plastic. The cap is a sort of gold color, with the raised letters CL. The sticker is clear, with the words SILK SKIN / SALT SCRUB / EXFOLIANT / NET WT 23.9 OZ – POIDS NET 680 GR. The salt-based product is very finely coarse, but with plenty of fluids to keep it all together.

     I suppose the main focus for the product’s creators wasn’t the smell, but rather how well it works. Still, I’m glad they did give it a strong note of cherry – juicy, ripe, delicious. The smell definitely isn’t the selling point of the product, but it’s a nice extra. Once applied the smell really disappears, which is just as well because I don’t want it interfering with my body butter (next week!).

     When I was a kid I always hated going to the beach because I didn’t like the grainy salt residue that would be left on my skin. That’s why I was so pleased when the salt literally dissolved once in the water, leaving my skin soft and oily, but mostly refreshed. I really recommend that if you can find this scrub you buy it, because it really performs miracles. Like any exfoliant, you’re only supposed to use it 2-3 time a week, but I guarantee you’ll look forward to it. Like last week’s product, this leaves a bit of residue in the tub, but you can easily wash it away once you drain the water.

What’s your favorite exfoliant?


2 responses to “Scrub Review: SILK SKIN SALT SCRUB by CRYSTALLINE

  1. This product sounds nice! What is Winners?
    I am addicted to sugar scrubs. I love, love, love them and find them a less abrasive than salt scrubs. I do use salt scrubs, but only occasionally. Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath ( has great sugar scrubs (and other things, too!). They do ship outside of the USA. There is usually a great sale every month, too.

    • Andrea,

      I’ve noticed that, too! Sugar crystals in scrubs are often much smaller (therefore less rough) than salt ones. I love the website you linked too – super sassy!

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