Show of hands: who here is a bar soap kind of person?

     RAISE YOUR HAND OR I’LL MAKE YOU SMELL FORBIDDEN ROSE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE Great, glad you think so! I haven’t always been into soap bars – a year ago I probably would have told you to bug off and then would have poured half a bottle of generic body wash over myself. Since then I’ve come to my senses, preferring the Irish Spring bars over any liquid body wash. When I heard Old Spice was to release a line, I was pretty excited. So, this week I’m reviewing none other than the perfectly mainstream but yet utterly unreviewed Fiji bar soap by Old Spice. Check out their ad: 

     Old Spice, you say? You mean, the ever so tacky company with the funky commercials that occasionally come off as homophobic? Precisely. They released their new bar soap line this spring, and I picked up a box in New York, because Canadians apparently don’t need to smell like Fiji. Despite the annoying but catchy advertising they’ve come up with, I’ve been a fan of their product line for a while, ever since my teenage body was introduced to their now discontinued Smooth Blast deodorant.

     Let’s move on to packaging, shall we? The box I got came with 6 bars for about $4, where the Irish Spring I usually get comes in a box of 2 for $3. The individual cardboard boxes are enveloped in a cellophane wrapping (pictured) with old-world fashion drawings and accents in the signature Old Spice red. I particularly like the actual boxes the bars come in (pictured). They’re white cardboard with dark grey accents, with the phrases “Soap on a rope without the rope” and “Rope not included”. These could be either an innocent reference, or something a bit more vulgar, which you can read about in your own discretion, here.

     The soap bars (pictured) have an arched shape to them, which looks odd but fits perfectly in your palms. I was pleasantly surprised at how much lather the soap gave in comparison to Irish Spring. Like any soap, Fiji leaves a slight residue on the skin, but it’s not so severe that it renders you immobile. It’s really hard to place a finger on what the scent of the soap is, and I’m afraid my description will be heavily tainted by the advertising – warm, salty beach air is what I’m getting from this little guy. Still, it has the classic ‘manly’ scent to it that you wouldn’t expect from a company with a ‘Swagger’ line.

I’ll stop rambling on about soap for now, but I will conclude that I have yet to become a fan of the Fiji scent – maybe I’ll change my mind on the next bar (or the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth). Have you tried Fiji? If so, what do you think of it?


2 responses to “Soap Review: FIJI BAR SOAP by OLD SPICE

  1. Love your reviews – you have a great style.
    I do have a place in my home for bar soaps…along with body washes and cream soaps. I guess I’m just too fickle!
    I have not tried Fiji but I love the scent name. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in a store.

    • Andrea,

      You’re too kind ❤ I've really been converted these past few months – bars all the way! Still, I enjoy the luxurious lather of some body washes, especially if they're a bit above the drugstore variety. Fiji was (is) a great scent. Since writing this a while ago I totally fell in love – a would-be repurchase, if it weren't for the piles of things already lined up to be reviewed! xD

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