As I slowly burn my way through the candles I’ve acquired over the past few months, I find myself currently burning the Italian collection – can you even remember it?!

Bath & Body Works Market Peach

Bath & Body Works Market Peach

     I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t as excited for the Italian collection as I am for, say, the 40+ fall scents that will be hitting shelves in August. The scents just didn’t grab my attention. Still, I had to buy something – can’t come home with empty hands, can I? I picked up a mini candle in ever-so-popular Market Peach, one in fabulously sweet Gelato, and another in Limoncello, which is right up there with Boathouse Row for me. I’ll be reviewing Gelato in a few weeks, but I just can’t bring myself to light Limoncello – anybody else?

     The packaging for Market Peach is the standard thick glass jar with a shiny, mirror-like lid. I was and still am confused about the label’s size, though. It’s a lot wider than any of the other candles I’ve seen, unlike the rest of the collection. It  features a drawn peach with an almost sticker-like banner that reads, MARKET PEACH / PECHE DU MARCHE / BATH & BODY WORKS / SCENTED CANDLE / CHANDELLE PARFUMEE. I think they didn’t try hard enough with the name of this candle – the entire ‘Market’ aspect is missed in both the scent and the label. Where are the notes of car exhaust? The rotting fish? I NEED MY FIX OF ROTTING FISH, DARN IT! The wax of this one is a muddy orange color, which turns clear orange when lit. Since it is a smooth wax, there was quite a bit of residue left on the glass between burns, but I was generally satisfied that the wax itself didn’t become discolored or dirty between burns.

     The B&BW website description reads:

Fresh-picked peaches by the bushel with a touch of red raspberry and citrus, layered with notes of rich vanilla.

     I didn’t smell ANY of the other fruity notes in this candle, which is just as well because I’m not sure how much I’d like all of them thrown into the same candle. All I got from this candle was a sour-sweet peach note, and perhaps a bit of mango. Don’t let the advertising fool you, though; the peach doesn’t smell fresh in the least. I’m not sure if they meant for it to come out like this, or maybe the ingredients weren’t the best, but I felt as if I was sniffing a peach that’s been sitting on the tree for a while, not picked because it’s too hot and dusty for anyone to do so. It’s got a fruity-earthy vibe that I like, but I’m not sure if it really fit in with the rest of the collection. The cold throw is weak, and the burning throw is decent. It’s a pleasant, easy fragrance – nothing less, and definitely nothing more.

     I was so surprised when this candle had a flawless burn from start to finish – three days total. The wax pool was deep and even, and the wick stood its ground for all it’s worth. I wish I could say the same for all of their mini candles!

If you’ve got this candle, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it!

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10 responses to “Candle Review: MARKET PEACH by BATH & BODY WORKS

  1. I have a hard time with peach scents because a lot of them smell fake to me. Market Peach does have a good cold sniff. I haven’t burned one (yet). Loved the review!

    • Andrea,

      I totally have the same problem, but with strawberry scents – can’t stand how syrupy and fake some of them smell! Yuck! Also, nice to know I’m not the only one awake at this hour! 😉

      • Gil, if you only knew! 😉
        I also have a hard time with strawberry scents. Most of them smell fake to me. Same with rose and vanilla. I love it when I can find a good one…my nose is just very finicky about those, I guess.

        • Andrea,

          That’s why we blog, I suppose – to help the non-bloggers wade through the masses of ‘stuff’ – at least that’s what I’d like to think! I’ve never been particularly fond of roses (long story, involving sniffing very old, dry soap), so what scents do you recommend that might change my mind? 🙂

          • Sorry for the delayed reply, Gil! So far, my rose favorites are more blends than straight up rose scents. Votivo’s Rush of Rose and Tocca’s Florence are really nice to me. I would like to find a single note rose scent that I enjoy (and at a more economical price point!) I’ll have to let you know if I run across one I love. 🙂

  2. Hi Gil! Love your site! Market Peach is such a lovely fragrance on cold sniff, but I agree, it’s nothing overwhelmingly special.

    Glad to have found your fragrance blog! 🙂 I was unable to get my hands on a Limoncello candle from B&BW, which I am bummed about because I have heard rave reviews. Oh well, there will always be another candle! 🙂

    • Lauren,

      Thank you so much! You’re absolutely right, it’s perfectly average. Oh no! Limoncello is my fav ❤ then again I say that about all scents… I'm sure it'll be rolled out again in a few years, maybe under a different name. Besides, you never know what you might find at outlets and SAS! 😉

  3. market peach candles are great. The best fragrance in the world. Keeps my house smelling fresh & clean.
    Lawanda Mobley

    • Hi Lawanda. It’s interesting that you find Market Peach fresh – as I said in the review, to my nose it was almost dusty. Maybe I’ll give it another try though, considering it’s constantly being reintroduced. Thanks for your comment!

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