Myth: perfume has to be expensive to smell good. Fact: no, it does not.

     I’ve got to admit: when I received Viva Las Vegas as a birthday present from a close friend, I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t recognize the name, the brand, or anything about it at all, really. That was until I realized this was an imitation, by a brand called Diamond Collection. Seriously, has anybody heard of them? Apparently not, because I couldn’t find any reviews.

     Imitation, you say? Call the cops! Imposter! IMPOSTER!!! Calm yourself, friend, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

     The real thing – that is, Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy – costs over $100 for a 100 mL bottle. The imitation? Five bucks. Because it is so cheap, I’ve found myself reaching for this to spray my room and other occasionally smelly things, such as children.

     Let’s give this cheap but surprisingly good perfume a good ol’ Nosegasm review, shall we?

***The following information applies to the 100 mL version***

     I’m going to try not to review this product based on Viva La Juicy, because I can appreciate that although it is an imitation it still stands on its own. The bottle comes in a cardboard box (pictured) that’s tacky, and then some. The entire thing, from top to bottom, is a shiny hot pink with a gold crown/decorative vines motif. The front of the box has a strange-looking emblem that remotely resembles Juicy Couture’s. It reads, ‘VIVA LAS VEGAS’ / ‘Our Version of’/ ‘VIVA LA JUICY’ / ‘Eau De Parfum’ / ‘100 ml’ / ‘Vaporisateur Natural Spray’ / ‘3.4fl.oz’. On the top facet of the box is the Diamond Collection logo, which is just the name in a swirly font on top of a yellow diamond, with the ironic slogan ‘Luxurious Fragrances’. I tried to find them online, and came up with a website in Spanish that spoke angry Spanish things at me until I left. The bottom features a bar code, and the back, the ingredients. I find it noteworthy to mention that they write, ‘VIVA LAS VEGAS is not associated with the makers of VIVA LA JUICY’. Not to be sarcastic or anything, but you don’t say!

     The bottle (pictured) is a definite play on Viva La Juicy, which is funny because I find that I prefer the imitation’s bottle over the pink-bow-gold-charm original. The bottle is a simple square shape from the front, rectangular from the top. Instead of a crystal-like cap, this one has a cheap pink plastic one that’s shaped like a tipped pentagon – at least it fits tightly. The golden sprayer mechanism sits on top a tiered thingamajig that apparently I have no name for. The glass is clear and heavy, the finish rough and even scratched in some places (friendly reminder that it’s $5). On the sides and bottom the glass is ridged, and in the center of the bottom there is a mysterious symbol resembling a 14 (or 16 – I’ve never been good at math). The front has a gold crown and the words ‘VIVA LAS VEGAS’, and the liquid is an acidic yellow color. Hurray.

     Now to the part I’m surprisingly excited for – the scent. I tried to write this without looking at Viva La Juicy’s notes, because after all, they are not the same perfume, but the only thing I came up with was a light floral with a vanilla base. When I checked out the notes on Fragrantica, I could put my finger on the floral (jasmine), and the intense vanilla which I was right about. I want to say I can smell the caramel note which is apparently prominent in the original, but I’ve never noticed it before. After a little while the initial floral fades into something more citrus-y, perhaps orange. The scent is fairly light, and decently long-lasting. And to be frank – at $5 I wouldn’t hesitate to spray it all over the way I might not with something like Light Blue.

     In conclusion, if you’re into Viva La Juicy but are frightened by the price tag (which I am), head over to Amazon or eBay (thanks Andrea!) and check this product out. Despite what I’ve said about it, I think this might even be a repurchase, which is not something I take lightly.

That’s it for Viva Las Vegas – if you’ve tried it out, let me know what you think of it!


8 responses to “Perfume Review: VIVA LAS VEGAS by DIAMOND COLLECTION

  1. Great review! I haven’t heard of this company or perfume before. I did find that you can purchase it on Amazon and eBay. It looks like carried it at one point. I’ll have to check it out!

    • Andrea,

      Thank you! I really am surprised that I’m recommending it… but I am! Definitely give those guys a try 😉

  2. wonderful review as well! – i just bought their version of jpg- gaultier’s for women and it smelled like= wow for $5/ brought it at Rainbow local store/ will follow brand/ fragrance was divine, bottled nicely and cleanly and spray bottle was not too cheap

    • Hi Babsbasia,

      Thank you! I haven’t had a chance to smell the original Jean Paul Gaultier for women, but if it’s anything like his Le Male I’m sure I’ll love it! Thank you for sharing your purchase, I’m excited to see what other perfumes they carry.

  3. the perfumes from Diamond Collection are actually pretty pretty good impressions. I’ve tried a couple and they really work! They really ressemble the original fragrances they’re supposed to, and also they stay on for quite a while, as opposed to cheap impressions, that at the end smell like cat urine or end up evaporating within 5 minutes lol… Well, the thing is diamond collection impressions are the best in my opinion and don’t have a nasty “aftersmell”. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  4. Let me start by saying that your review is pretty impressive as well, lol…love it. And the samething happened with me i was at rainbow at local stored here where i live and; found “Hot star sexy” their version of nicki minaj like n#$% say what? ! Lol yeah and i was reluctantly willing to give it a try, i did and, omg! i was impress i couldn’t believe that something so cheap would smell so good, but i felt embarrassed to even say I’m wearing a 5.99 perfume from rainbow until my bf even comments on how sweet and gorgeous i smelled like, really! Then i was by the stored today and came cross with Viva Las vegas and omg that immitation is heaven for 6 bucks like totally recommend it

    • Perfumelover,

      Now I’m curious to try “Hot Star Sexy”! Thank you for your recommendation. And I totally feel you, there’s a taboo on cheap perfume in western society. You’ve either gotta get the latest Chanel, or B.O. – so wrong! Some inexpensive fragrances are wonderful. Hope to see you around here and to hear your latest fragrance thoughts 🙂

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