I didn’t mean to review this candle so soon, but unfortunately it turned out to be a dud so I wanted to say a few words about it before I return it.

Bath &Body Works Honeysuckle

Bath & Body Works Honeysuckle

     I got this one as part of their spend-$10-get-a-$14.50-product-free promotion. I had purchased three mini candles (Limoncello, Market Peach, and Gelato) and my dad picked Honeysuckle as the free product. I’m not entirely sure what collection it’s from, but I can helpfully tell you that it’s under their White Barn label. I wasn’t crazy for it at first, but I must admit that it’s grown on me during the brief two-hour burn it lasted for.

     Because it is a White Barn candle, Honeysuckle looks a bit different from the normal Bath & Body Works candles in that its lid is a brushed-gold color instead of a mirror-like silver.  The front label of this one features a basket of flowers I can only assume to be honeysuckles, with the words WHITE BARN / HONEYSUCKLE / CHÈVREFEUILLE / SCENTED CANDLE / CHANDELLE PARFUMÉE in gold font. The wax on this one is a light beige, and when lit, the wax turns clear.

     Let’s talk about the scent for a minute. Unlit, this candle smells like a big bouquet of buttery flowers. There isn’t a description on the candle itself, but the website reads: “An alluring blend of sweet honeysuckle, pink peony and a touch of creamy vanilla capture the essence of walking through a garden in bloom.” I’m not entirely sure what pink peony smells like (or what it is, frankly), but I think I like it. It creates a very inviting, calming atmosphere when lit, unlike one like Boathouse Row, which somehow feels almost sad.

     So now I get to tell you about why I’m returning it despite having already burnt it for a bit. A normal B&BW candle is supposed to develop a pool of wax within about half an hour of burning. All this means is that the throw of the scent will be more even and powerful. Some candles, unfortunately, don’t pool and instead tunnel. When they tunnel, they burn down the middle of the candle (or if it’s a three-wick, around each wick), meaning they miss about half the wax. Also, the flame on this one was incredible weak, which might account for the tunneling. I’m hoping I won’t have any problems returning it, since they advertise that ‘no sale is ever final’. We’ll see about that.

     UPDATE: I ended up returning this candle and got Pink Sangria instead. I had no problems returning it – I simply explained what the problem was and the staff took care of the rest. Thanks, B&BW! 🙂

In conclusion, I recommend this candle if you’re in the mood for a relaxing scent. Hope you have better luck than I did!


2 responses to “Candle Review: HONEYSUCKLE by BATH & BODY WORKS

  1. Oh no – say it isn’t so! I have a Honeysuckle candle that’s just waiting for me to burn. I love the smell of honeysuckle, so I was hoping for a hit on this one. I love the return policy at B&BW – glad you were able to exchange yours without difficulty.

    • Andrea,

      Afraid so 😦 I agree that the smell is really fantastic, thoroughly relaxing and inviting. I hope your’s works out!

      They were very good with the return – no hassles whatsoever.

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