Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Mini-Haul

     Hi everyone. I just wanted to give you a little update on how things are going here in Gil Land. This weekend I went with my good friend Stacey (who you can find here) to the mall. The main reason for the trip was to avoid studying for our upcoming exams see what all the hype was about regarding the semi-annual sale at Bath & Body Works.

Bath & Body Works Bag

Bath & Body Works Bag

     I have become a B&BW enthusiast lately, so you can imagine my excitement at the 50%- and 75%-off posters. For a first semi-annual sale experience I have to say I’m quite satisfied since I got what I came for at really great prices. However, as it appears to be with the entire B&BW chain, the selection in the store we went to was extremely limited. The few clearance candles they had in the back were awful, and the only candle I really liked from their new fall collection was Homemade Cookies (which I don’t think smells like homemade cookies at all). Unfortunately, they only had it in the 3-wick size for full price, so I had to skip it.

     I ended up returning a candle that had turned out to be a dud, so I got a different one for free – Pink Sangria, which smells suspiciously like Limoncello (both were on sale for $6.25). Then I went ahead and bought the White Tea & Ginger Body Lotion ($2.50), since I am obsessed with white tea, and the Black Raspberry Vanilla Shower Gel ($3.00) since it was the only one I found remotely pleasant. I topped it all off with one of their tiny PocketBac sanitizers, Blue Sapphire ($1.00), and a marbled PocketBac holder ($0.50) which they apparently don’t sell online.

     Stacey and I both got very excited for two of their new products, which were the Rio Glow candle and the new White Citrus men’s cologne. Check them out!

     Although I ended up buying and spending way less than I originally thought I would, I’m happy with the products I walked away with and am satisfied to know that if I have a dud in the future, I can return it.

     I also wanted to mention that I’m super excited about another product: The Body Shop’s Chocomania Body Butter – it’s so good!

Let me know in the comments what your B&BW SAS experience has been like so far!


4 responses to “Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Mini-Haul

  1. I haven’t been to our local B&BW. I imagine their selection is going to be about like what you experienced. I have hit – I mean, shopped – the online SAS. I got several candles, including Homemade Cookies. My other favs in the bunch include Summer Boardwalk and Apple Crumble. Rio Glow is a good one!

    • Andrea,

      Seems that such is the case with all the B&BW stores, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to finding some hidden gems, per say. Homemade Cookies smelt almost citrusy to me, which means I like it because I am in love with anything and everything citrus. And I completely agree about the Rio Glow one – it’s fantastic!

      • I did head to our local store today and was pretty pleased with the available selection. I love Mahogany Teakwood! I bought that and S’mores (and a few others…) . Overall a great deal for what was available. Today only – select candles are $9.
        Hope you enjoy your loot!

        • Andrea,

          I’m glad you had a good experience! I absolutely LOVE Summertime S’mores. I read that the sale is until July 7th, so after exams I’m going to try my luck at a different store – I’ll let you know how it goes!

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