Perfume Review: PRINCESS by VERA WANG

     I’m very excited to be bringing to you today my review of Vera Wang’s Princess perfume. Before you roll your eyes at the name (or shape of bottle, perhaps), I want you to really try to understand where this fragrance is coming from; it’s not about being fancy and acting your age, but rather the fantasy of applying perfume.

     It seems that just about everybody under the age of 20 owns a bottle of Princess. It was released in 2006, created by Ilias Ermenidis and Harry Fremont for Vera Wang. Wang, of course, famously worked at American Vogue before becoming the designer she is today, known for her lavish wedding dresses. Princess has a variety of spin offs, including Flower Princess, Glam Princess, Pink Princess, Preppy Princess, Rock Princess, and Princess Night.

     I suppose the first time I really got excited about Princess was when I was shopping with my dad (oddly enough). We entered a Winners store, and of course I headed straight for the fragrance section. I looked feverishly for the light pink box of Princess, but to no avail. But as I turned, defeated, I spotted something even better – one of the many Princess gift sets! This one had a 30 mL bottle of the fragrance plus a ‘satiny’ body lotion and a lip gloss key chain, although I’ve seen sets with a body butter, a type of sparkly brush, and a roller ball. The decision on whether or not to buy the set was difficult – it was that, or Hollister’s Jake. In the end I think I made the right choice, although if I could I would have bought just the fragrance because to be honest – I’ve never used the other products.

     Now, before I go rambling on, here is my review of Vera Wang’s Princess!

***The following information applies to the 30 mL eau de toilette / 75 mL body lotion / 3.3 g lipgloss gift set***

     This gift set comes in a box (pictured) much bigger than it has to be. I think I could probably fit another bottle or two in there. Still, I will not criticize Ms. Wang’s excessive packaging because that is not my job. I will say that I like how the entire front of the box is a clear window, allowing me to see the product before I buy it. The sides and back of the box are a deep purple, with a stud-star (for lack of better description) motif near the top of the sides. The ‘window’ has a  printed gold chain border, along with a purple heart-shaped sticker announcing the ‘$50 Suggested Retail Price’. Also on the front is Vera’s name and the name of the perfume. The back is truly one of the dullest I’ve ever encountered. It just lists in plain white letters all the ingredients and information for the various products.

     Now to the perfume bottle (pictured). For starters, let me address something I know a lot of people are curious about. The 30 mL version of this fragrance DOES NOT come with the ring accessory that the bigger bottles do. The bottle is made of thick, clear, faceted glass shaped like a heart. The ‘stem’ of the sprayer mechanism is clear, and instead of a traditional cap there is a beautiful gold crown that houses the sprayer. The crown’s peaks are upside-down hearts, and there are two layers of light purple jewels going around it, as well as a carved decorative motif. Unlike Diesel Loverdose, Princess is able to stand on its own because the base of the bottle is flat. The words VERA WANG / PRINCESS are on the middle of the front of the bottle in black lettering.

     Now let’s talk about the smell. Princess is a very young fragrance, sweet and floral at the same time. It’s classified as an oriental-floral, which couldn’t be a more accurate description. Although chocolate is in the heart of the perfume, it’s very evident throughout. One spray and you’re in a magic tornado of creamy milk chocolate and twirling flowers. I would elaborate more about the smell, but that’s really all there is to it. The smell is powerful and long lasting, a bit sour at times, and just wonderful all around. I would say it’s a fall/winter scent because it is so heavy, and I highly recommend it. I should mention that the fragrance is portrayed as a light purple liquid in the ad, but for some reason mine is clear.

     I guess now we move on to the other products that came in the box. As I said, I haven’t really ever used them, so this will not be an accurate description. The lip gloss (pictured) comes in a clear plastic cube that opens in half. Each side has a heart shaped compartment with a different colored gloss – one dark pink and the other light. Neither smells of Princess, actually smelling like wax crayons – yuck! The product is adorable, however, and is attached to a metal key chain painted to look old, with a small crown near the top.

     The ‘satiny’ body lotion (pictured), on the other hand, smells like Princess – A LOT. Even at a few feet away from the closed tube I can smell it clearly. The product is white, and I’m sure that it does a great job despite never having used it.

So that’s it (phew!). I have an exciting announcement to make soon regarding Princess, so stay tuned! Until then, what do you think of Princess?


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