New York City – Fragrance Edition!

     Today, instead of reviewing a specific product, I will be sharing with you my recent trip to New York City – fragrance edition!

     Last week was the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, so my family packed up and left for a six-day trip to New York City. We left on Wednesday afternoon (leaving me enough time to tweak my review of Avril Lavigne’s Forbidden Rose!) and arrived late at night. I’ll spare you the details of my Empire State Building green-screen mishap (note to self: do not wear green!) and how I fell asleep on practically every bench in the entire city. But I will tell you that the city has a very special, very distinct smell.

A view of downtown New York City from the Empire State Building

A view of downtown New York City from the Empire State Building

     I live close to Toronto, and visit the downtown area frequently. However, I’ve never noticed a particular smell that the city has (my neighborhood smells like sewer, but that’s a story for another day). Not so with the Big Apple! From the moment I stepped off the New Jersey Transit bus into the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I was overwhelmed by it. A special scent that still lingers in my nostrils three days after I left. Allow me to describe it.

     Imagine the smell of a lit cigarette at a 5-foot distance. Add to that greasy fast food around the corner and the exhaust from a million vehicles. Pour a little acidic construction work and perfumes from a million tourists. That is what New York City smells like.

     I’ll admit that I didn’t particularly like it, but I still thought it was very interesting. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to New York without some shopping! At Sephora (which, let me tell you, is everywhere there) I fell in love with Tom Ford’s Noir, Dior Sport pour Homme, and Givenchy π. The saleslady was very nice, and gave me two samples of each (which I shall treasure forever surely). I’m considering getting one of them as my next full-size bottle.

     At Bath & Body Works, I picked up two of their new summertime collection candles (for half price, no less), which I’m now obsessed with. The first is called Boathouse Row and the other Smoky S’mores. Yum!

     Even though Target opened in Canada recently, we still don’t have a lot of the products that the American stores do. I took the opportunity to buy the biggest box of Old Spice soap I could find, possibly because their ad was funny enough.

     Finally, at Macy’s (why is it that I’ve never been before?) I died for Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane. That is, after walking through about a mile of salespeople pushing their perfumes up my nose…

I’m curious to know what products you’re currently excited about, and what you think of New York City. Leave a response to let me know!


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