Welcome back to Nosegasm! This week I’ll be talking about another Britney Spears perfume, so whether you love Britney for her music, or just find her occasional meltdowns entertaining, stick around.

     I got this 30 mL (1 fl oz) fragrance this winter, again at Winners. It was an incredibly expensive $12 (yes, you read that right), which was a nice surprise. I’ve seen the 100 mL version go for $60 at Shoppers Drug Mart, but they’ve also had it on sale for as low as $20. Cosmic Radiance is Radiance’s sibling, released just one year after the first, in 2011. It’s credited to Honorine Blanc and Harry Fremont.

***The following information applies to the 30 mL version***

     Let’s get started with the box (pictured) that this fragrance comes in. Unlike Britney’s Curious and Fantasy series, this one isn’t as spacious. The box is relatively small, big enough to hold the bottle without too much wiggle room. Also unlike the previous boxes, this one has a clear ‘window’ that allows you to see the bottle while it’s still inside. The front of the box displays some information (COSMIC RADIANCE / BRITNEY SPEARS / eau de parfum / vaporisateur / 1 FL OZ / 30 ml e), one of the side panels has the ingredients, the bottom has a bar code, and the back features a sort of ad for the fragrance, with Britney looking over her shoulder in a white dress, and the full-size bottle as well as its name. The design of the box itself is interesting. The front, bottom and top panels are a hot metallic pink, one of the side panels is white, and the other is black. However, all throughout there is a sort of pattern reminiscent of jewels, designed to flow from one panel to the next as if rippling. As well, the jewels are raised to provide some texture to the box.

     The bottle (pictured) that this fragrance comes in is identical in shape to Radiance, but in different colors; it’s a sort of rounded clear glass body embedded with clear, white and black jewels that match front to back. The ‘neck’ of the bottle is the same hot pink of the box’s front, bottom and top panels, and the cap is a sort of carved black plastic rectangle. The larger bottle has the name of the fragrance on the side, but the 30 mL one does not. It’s a pretty neat bottle, classy but edgy at the same time. I’ve found though that the cap has a tenancy to not sit properly on the bottle, and I have to press down on it to get it right.

     Now, let’s not speak of the bottle any more, shall we? Instead, let’s discuss the smell. This fragrance is described as fruity floral – yawn! However, I’ve actually never noticed any real fruity notes in it, despite the fact that Britney’s website claims it opens with ‘succulent citrus’ notes. The first time I smelt this, I called the perfume ‘flowers and cigarettes’, and then I decided that I shall ditch the given category and just call it a glam fragrance. I feel that the most prominent note in the structure of this perfume is jasmine, with a hint of vanilla. I do get a tiny bit of the opening pear initially, but the jasmine then overwhelms my senses. This perfume has a decent lasting power, although at $12 a pop I don’t hesitate to reapply throughout the day. In conclusion, this is a wonderfully floral evening-night fragrance, at at the low price I really can’t justify not giving it a try.

What do you think of Cosmic Radiance? Leave me a comment to let me know!


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