This perfume holds sentimental value to me. It was, if I remember correctly, the first product I have ever bought knowing it was marketed towards women with the intent of using it myself. I know it might not sound like a big deal, but for me at the time it was. I was afraid of what people would say – heck, I was even afraid of what the cashier would say! For about three months I kept this perfume on the top shelf of my closet, hidden safely from view. Every once in a while I would close the door, take it down, and smell it – I didn’t dare spray it on myself yet. Eventually, as I became more comfortable with myself, I begun to wear it around the house. Until finally, I wore this to school for the first time. The day thankfully went by uneventfully, and the experience helped me to expand my fragrance palette.

     Although Britney’s name is plastered on this perfume (and on everything else, it would seem), the nose behind it is Rodrigo Flores-Roux (also creator of Clinique HappyDonna Karan Black CashmereTommy Hilfiger Eau de Prep, and others). It is a floral fruity gourmand, essentially covering every end of the celebrity fragrance spectrum. The third in the currently four-member Fantasy family (Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, and the new Island Fantasy), it was released in 2008 and was featured in Britney’s Circus music video.

     In researching for this post, I discovered that this perfume is harder to come by than it’s older siblings Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy. I even read somewhere that this one was a limited edition, although buying it four years after its release makes me doubt that. I personally found it at Winners, a Canadian chain that sells products that may have been discontinued or discounted or whatever else. I got it for what seemed like a fortune at the time – $20. I know, I was naive! So without further ado, here is my review.

***The following information applies to the 50 mL version***

     This perfume comes in box (pictured) that should more correctly be called a cube. Like Britney’s previous fragrance boxes, there is enough space inside to fit the entire world. This one is a shiny red color all throughout, the front displaying the basic information of the fragrance (HIDDEN fantasy / Britney Spears / EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY / VAPORISATEUR / 1.7 fl oz 5o ml e), and the bottom lists the ingredients, copyright, and bar code. On the front, back and side panels (pictured) of the box there is a whimsical motif of small pink, silver and black icons. These include a unicorn, mask, fairy, tear drop, a period, a horseshoe, a treble clef, cherries, and a heart on a branch (?). The inside of the box has some cardboard cutouts that keep the bottle from moving. As far as I know, there are no official Hidden Fantasy tester strips or samples, but if you’ve seen either one please let me know.

     The bottle (pictured) this fragrance comes in is very playful, young one. The basic shape of the bottle is a circle, with a sort of ‘neck’ and a bubble-like cap. The bottom of the bottle sits on a little ring of glass so that it doesn’t roll over when displayed. The entire thing is a deep red, with light pink crystals embedded in the glass. After examining the other Fantasy bottles, I have concluded that the various necks connecting the (in this case, also red) spray mechanism to the bottle have different patterning. This one appears to be a series of overlapping studded rings, but I’m sure the designer meant to leave it open for interpretation.

     Now, we get to the smell. Right off the bat this fragrance fits in with the Fantasy family, being extremely sweet. It opens with an almost candy-like orange note, which lasts a few minutes before melting to what’s simply described as ‘sweet notes’. This may sound off-putting, but combined they make for a nice daytime scent. I feel like there’s also a certain deepness that is felt in this fragrance, and I would attribute it to the jasmine that’s in it. This fragrance is very strong on contact, but fades rather quickly, usually within two hours in my experience. When I sprayed it on my wrist to review it, I found that a warmth was exuded from the fragrance as well, although I can’t exactly explain it. I would definitely say this fragrance is a fun, girly one that works nicely in the winter because it is rather heavy. But if you plan to be out and about, I suggest you fill up a travel-sized atomizer to reapply throughout the day.

     All in all, not a bad choice if you only have $20. If you live in Canada, keep an eye on your local Shoppers Drug Mart – they have this one on sale all the time.

That’s it! I’m curious to know what you think of this perfume, so be sure to leave your opinion down in the comments section!


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