Since Light Blue pour Homme was the first fine fragrance I ever owned, I thought it would only be appropriate for me to write its review as this blog’s first. Dolce & Gabbana‘s fragrance was released in 2007, and went on to receive the FiFi award as fragrance of the year for men in 2008. It currently retails on Sephora for $59 for the 2.5 oz (about 75 mL) flacon, and has other products including an aftershave (125 mL After Shave Lotion pictured) and 2.4 oz deodorant. The tester strip (pictured) is shaped like the bottle, with metallic silver accents.

*** The following information applies to the 75 mL version ***

     The 75 mL flacon comes in a cardboard box covered in a velvety light blue sued fabric (pictured), marking it as unique from the get-go. On the front of the box there is information about the product (DOLCE & GABBANA / light blue / POUR HOMME / EAU DE TOILETTE / NATURAL SPRAY / 75 ml e 2.5 FL OZ), the back lists the ingredients, and the bottom features the bar code.

     The bottle (pictured) which houses the precious liquid looks like an oval from a bird’s-eye-view, with a light blue circle in its middle. The glass is frosted and smooth, clear enough to view the pale yellow fluid within. The front announces, DOLCE & GABBANA / light blue / POUR HOMME / EAU DE TOILETTE in metallic lettering.

     Now, after an exhausting amount of information, I finally get to the scent itself. This fragrance is one that I wear very often – it lends itself nicely to both day- and night-time use. It’s beautifully fresh, but light enough not to be offensive. The top notes are of piercing citrus, followed by a spicy dry down of musk, incense and pepper (to read more about its composition, click here). I feel as if the citrus smell lasts far longer than it’s given credit for – I will be able to smell this at the end of the day despite applying it in the morning. I feel that it is worth mentioning that the transition between the top and middle notes is incredibly smooth. It works great on skin, much better than it does on clothes. For the man who is looking for compliments and intentionally long hugs, this fragrance is perfect. I am a true Light Blue lover.

What do you think of Light Blue?


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